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Which of the following MMORPGs did you play?
Asheron's Call Ultima Online Everquest

How did you hear about Iritor Online?

How many hours do you play computer games each week?

How many hours do you play MMORPGs each week?

How much money do you spend on MMORPG's fees each month?

How important is violence in MMORPGs for you?
Bring it on! No violence please!

What do you think about sex in MMORPGs?
Bring it on! No sex please!

What is more important for you; that your character is as powerful as possible or that the game is balanced?
Game Balance My own power

Do you like to fear monsters or kill them like popcorn?
I want to fear them. I like popcorn

Do you like Big Guns and fights, or only Social Interactions?
Big Guns. Social Interactions

How important is Player Killing in a MMORPG for you?
PK doesn't interest me. Without PK a MMORPG is boring.

What should happen if you die in an MMORPG?
Nothing Character Deletion (e.g. Perma-death)


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