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The following information has been reconstructed from the damaged board database of the Turigor:

In the year 1153, during the UERU's (United Earth Research Union) Deep-Space-Exploration program, an unmanned ship was started to search for other inhabitable planets. Apparently, living conditions on earth had reached a critically low level after the 3rd world war. Space travel was still rather primitive as compared with technologies like cybernetic or virology, so that the ship's propulsion system didn't allow travel with more then the speed of light. The Turigor was built to travel for a long time, nobody knows exactly how long her voyage took, but after what would have probably been many hundred years she found humanity a new home... well, sort of... It is known to be the first time that humans made contact with other intelligent life forms. The Turigor irreparably damaged - not to mention the age of the ship itself - the earth hundreds of years away, lost in space, humans have to struggle for the survival of their species.  

The odd gravity field of the torus planet forced the colony ship "Turigor" to make an emergency landing on its surface. To colonize a new found world the engineers back on earth built a cloning plant and programmed it to clone humans, from the DNA stored in the ships large database, after landing,. On arrival, the robots built a small base and the plant started to clone the first colonists - and you, are one of them.

The planet is an artificially constructed torus. This implicates several things that you wouldn’t normally expect from a planet. Iritor's day and night cycle is very chaotic since the torus casts shadows on itself while rotating like a normal planet. Its gravity  varies from place to place, which makes many places very inhospitable since they have no breathable atmosphere and no liquid water.

The creators who made and once inhabited Iritor installed an array of transmitters that control the flow of energy. This matrix is known as the Grid. The Grid has a subsystem called the Regulator which ensures that this world remains as it was intended.

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