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This is the official site of Iritor Online.

October 8th 2001 NEW

Read some important new facts about the future of Iritor Online in the latest Newsletter.

August 22nd 2001

2 new entries in the Weapon & Equipment section added.

August 20nd 2001

Weapons & Equipment section updated.

August 18nd 2001

Weapons & Equipment section updated.

August 16nd 2001

Weapons & Equipment section updated. More information about the skill tree online.

August 11nd 2001

Informations about the Skill System have been added in the World of Iritor Section.

July 17nd 2001

Two new entries in the Weapon & Equipment section.

July 15nd 2001

Two new screenshots online and Area Section updated.

July 13nd 2001

Two new screenshots online!

June 22nd 2001

Some more details about the arrival on Iritor have been added to the World section and the FAQs have also been updated!

June 15th 2001

See two new screenshots of Iritor Online.

June 10th 2001

Update day! Today the Iritor Online site got a major content boost. Together with a site redesign, the section "The World of Iritor" was introduced. New screenshots and downloads went online and the FAQs were updated as well.
Don't forget... there is still something waiting for you in the darkness..

June 3rd 2001

Three months of silence have passed... well, silent from your point of view. Iritor is getting closer and closer to its release state with each passing day...
Actually, Iritor is getting to the point where regular updates of this site start to make sense. Get ready for massive content boosts during the next Weeks.

March 2nd 2001

The time of bleeding eyes is over! The green/black horror has gone! FINALLY our new website is online!
If you are searching for the Discussion Board, use this link. (It hasn't been adjusted to fit the new design of the site yet...) The Iritor team is still interested in your ideas and opinions.

February 26th 2001

We finally opened the Iritor Screenshot Section.

February 11th 2001

FAQ Section online.
Before asking questions to the dev-team, please check the FAQ's to see if anybody asked that question before - keep in mind that the developers time to answer questions is really limited...

February 11th 2001

Beta Applications are now accepted.

February 10th 2001

Website launched!

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