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About the Skill system

Skills allow characters to do certain things like use weapons, perform operations or build robots.

Skills have to be trained for the character to be able to put XP into them. This means once you have acquired basic abilities in a skill by training it you can spend some of your free XP and raise the skill. If you are not trained you can only raise a skill by practicing it - and even then you receive less training XP.
Skills have a base value determined by the relevant attributes and the skills lower in the tree. If you train and raise e.g. Energy Transfer you will not only gain proficiency in that skill itself but also in Circular Energy Transfer, Direct Energy Transfer and Energy Iteration.

The Skill Tree

Energy Transfer
Circular Energy Transfer
Direct Energy Transfer
Energy Iteration
Grid Modification
Energy Catalysis
Matter Modification
Life Form Augmentation
Meta Modulation
Transfer Optimization

Internal Defense
Viral Defense
Grid Defense
External Defense
Melee Defense
Range Defense

Range Combat
Melee Combat


This skill group includes all skills that are needed to execute grid commands.

- Energy Transfer
The Energy Transfer sub-skill enables a modulator to channel grid energy directly into another being to inflict massive damage. Depending on how a modulator aims to do that in relation to the grids structure he either utilizes Circular Energy Transfer or Direct Energy Transfer. Sometimes it is more rewarding to use the grids caching capabilities for grid commands and repeatedly execute them with various targets, for this method a modulator has to master the Energy Iteration skill.

- Grid Modification
Apart from using the Grid as a purely destructive tool a modulator can also employ Grid Modification to various effects. Energy Catalysis enables him to either amplify or weaken the damage dealt to a creature or object. The powers of Matter Modification lie in the field of augmenting or decreasing the power of inanimate objects whereas Life Form Augmentation can do the same to living beings.

- Meta Modulation
Meta Modulation is a subject on its own, as it is not a form of executing grid commands but rather a mean to assist the other skills in doing so. Transfer Optimization reduces the energy cost of grid commands and Sequencing enables the modulator to sequence commands and then launch the whole program at once, significantly reducing the processing time.


Whenever you are attacked you have the ability to evade, dodge or resist it. The defense tree holds all the skills necessary to avoid taking damage at all.

- Internal Defense
Whenever a modulator or a creature that has grid commanding abilities attacks you, you can avoid being affected by shutting down malevolent commands that would take effect inside your body structure. Energetic defense works against energy transfers as well as against harmful grid modifications.
Internal Defense has the purpose of weakening and finally destroying virus that are inside your body. In the best case you can even ward off an infection in the first case.

- External Defense
Melee Defense gives you the ability to dodge an enemies blows, thus eliminating the need for heavy armor.
If you come under fire from range attackers you are best advised to have significant range defense, or else you will soon be a inanimate corpse with multiple railgun bullet holes.

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