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†††† Melee Weapons
††††††††† Swords
††††††††† Axes
††††††††† Maces
††††††††† Lances

†††† Range Weapons
††††††††† Shotguns
††††††††† Pistols
††††††††† Subzero Cannon
†††††††††††† Rifles
†††††††††††† Flamethrowers
†††††††††††† Rocket Launchers
†††††††††††† Mini Guns
†††††††††††† Plasma
†††††††††††† Lasers
††††††††† Grenades
††††††††† Bows


†††† Space Marine Recruit Armor Set
†††† Field Medic Suit
†††† Modulator Armor
†††† Scout Armor
†††† Compound Armor (new)
†††† Heavy Battle Suit
†††† Power Armor


Melee Weapons


Speed: Fast/Medium
Skill: Blades

The blades of the future are not only forged of steel but also of pure energy. Both kinds of swords are elegant weapons with a special finesse that no other weapon class posses. They are the ultimate balance between speed and power, making them a top choice for every melee combatant.


Speed: Slow
Skill: Axes

Since axes are a lot heavier then swords they can deal a lot more damage. This is achieved by sacrificing speed but nonetheless with a huge axe you may find slaying those pesky creatures easier then with swords not to mention that axes are easier to master.


Speed: Very Slow
Skill: Maces

The descendants of primitive clubs, these weapons hit harder then anything else. The drawback is that no other weapon is as slow as a mace as well. With added shock amplification some hammers and maces increase their damage output without decreasing speed. These special fabricates are especially sought after by soldiers who are in favor of this merciless weapon class.


Speed: Medium
Skill: Lance

Lances are not used to poke little holes anymore. Instead they carry hot plasma at their tip burning your enemies like hellfire. Lances of high quality can carry much bigger plasma loads making their outstanding glow brighter then the sun.

Range Weapons


Speed: Medium
Range: Medium
Skill: Shotgun

Shotguns are clearly not a favorite of the sensitive soldier, but they offer some serious penetration power when facing a horde of angry Mutalois. Shotguns sacrifice speed for power, making them ideal against those extra tough aliens while your comrades keep the minions under fire.

Subzero Cannon

Speed: Slow
Range: Medium
Skill: Shotgun

The subzero cannon shoots shock-freezed shards of a special compound that sublimates on impact, quickly freezing the surrounding area. This is especially useful against Mutalois that come in large groups, shattering their carapaces.


Speed: Fast
Range: Medium
Skill: Pistol

The standard RP221 Combat Pistols are always used in pairs to increase the fire rate. They are the preferred range weapon of medics and modulators since its very easy to gain basic skills with this weapon class.†


Speed: Very Slow
Range: Very High
Skill: Railgun

Rumored to be the most lethal weapon of all, the railgun also has serious drawbacks. It is a pretty slow weapon and its supersonic pellets can only inflict radioactive damage. Nonetheless its ability to penetrate unlimited numbers of enemies is unrivaled by any other weapon.


Space Marine Recruit Armor Set

Type: Medium
Preferred Class: All

The standard armor provided for all newly trained space marines as well as to all other colonists on Iritor. It provides moderate protection against all types of attacks and has low requirements. The cheap fabrication process limits the maximum quality this armor can attain. It is nearly impossible to find armor of this type suitable for heavy combat.

Field Medic Suit

Type: Light
Preferred Class: Medic

Most corps medics as well as freelance doctors use this armor for its support of medical techniques as well as the possibility of integrated VTR enhancements. The lack of heavy protection is normally not as much of a problem for the support based role of the medical crew, although an unexpected charge by aliens may get you killed.

Modulator Armor

Type: Light
Preferred Class: Modulator

Modulator Armor was first discovered in the ruins of the creators. Although the pieces found were not complete suits, it became obvious that they were not meant to fit the human body. Nevertheless the material seemed ideal since it doesnít interrupt the grids flow, resulting in greater energy handling potential and the possibility of various other bonuses to grid skills, if the fabric is especially well made and enhances the modulators commands. The Regulator has even started to spawn Modulator Armor tailored for the human frame, allowing for vastly more powerful pieces then humans could ever produce.

Scout Armor

Type: Medium
Preferred Class: Sniper, Blademaster

This armor is primarily useful for the increased mobility you have with it. It allows you to move fast, strike fast and retreat fast; making it ideal for snipers or even those melee warriors who rely on wits and dodging more then on brawn and hardened steel alloy.

Compound Armor

Type: Medium
Preferred Class: All

The many different materials used in this armor are its prime strength. It gives the armor a randomness that allows for pieces that need many different prerequisites. This also means you can never tell what someone using this armor is best equipped against or what his abilities are, since this armor can assist any profession. That also means that it can be hard to find Compound Armor that specifically benefits you.

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