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These closely connected systems both use the Grid transmitters as their energy source. Whereas the Grid can be controlled by humans and aliens alike to remodulate the energetic flows to form, move or even create matter, the Regulator is an autonomous system that ensures the world's integrity. Since the creators left, the Regulator has developed errors and malfunctions. The world is now a fixed image and the Regulator tolerates no mismatches. This means that whatever you leave on the ground, the Regulator will remove it as soon as it scans your area. Fortunately, humans and obviously also some of the other victims of Iritor have found ways to protect their encampments from being disintegrated.

The Regulator acknowledges all life forms as worthy of protection, virtually eliminating death. Whenever something dies the Regulator cleans up its corpse and then spawns the creature anew. The areas in which creatures spawn may seem to be a random pattern but the Regulator somehow ensures that creatures donít leave their normal habitat.

The humans have developed cutting-edge technology that enables them to instantly trigger their respawning at a predefined location. This location must be at a so-called Biomagnet. Unlike other species, humans donít loose their experience or strength when they die. This is accomplished through advanced cloning techniques, which enables humans to regrow most of the changed cells instantly while respawning. Some information is always lost when an image travels through the Grid so death would always leave you weaker. This has been somewhat circumvented by borrowing from the future respawn cycles. That means that no weakness exists after spawning, but that future growth is hampered instead. Although these techniques are believed to cause even more malfunctions in the Regulator, their use will continue since they give humanity the ability to strike back in full force almost instantly after someone gets killed.

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